February 11, 2021

Lacking Motivation?

Lacking motivation and want to find your way forward to keep your body in the right shape ?  

Motivation results from Adversity, Passion, Peer Acceptance, Discovery, Achievement, Self Perception and Intrinsic Motivation…… 

Means to a Goal

  • Adversity …illness or death of a loved one…desire to re focus away from adversity…keep busy
  • Passion …discover an activity that instantly stimulates and provides enjoyment.
  • Peer Acceptance…into a team environment
  • Discovery …onset of a new enjoyable experience
  • Achievement ….implement a plan based around an achievable time frame.
  • Self Perception and Intrinsic Motivation – feel good from your development, wear what”s efficient and makes you happy ie. clothing, head phones, sunglasses but be aware of dangers as you train.

Stick to your plan and succeed. Be realistic about your timetable to reach your goal.

Nothing stimulates better than flexing a bigger bicep or beating a mate in arm wrestling, or improving your previous best result in triathlon, but it takes time.

Continually re-set your life timetable (not unusual at symbolic ages 30 and 40), set some clear goals, short term and long term and set a plan in place to achieve it.

It’s useful to put down on a piece of paper, everything you currently enjoy and want to keep doing (work, social, sports etc)…..look at the time you then have available and run through some options that you might consider taking up.

Write down every resource you will need – cost (equipment, uniform, membership), time, training, goals.

This might be as simple as looking at a TAFE course, Internet, sports magazines etc.  It doesn’t have to be gym – think left field….. hills running, country cycling with mates, rowing or swimming could provide all you need. 

Remember it’s important to mix up your activity type, to freshen and stimulate yourself, to help to improve your performance. But note that you can’t do everything but you can do a lot when you’re organised and efficient.  

Think about if you prefer to train by yourself or with a partner or a small group

Think about the time of day you like to train. Can you challenge yourself to train at a different more confronting time – early on a cold winters day, late on a hot summers night.