January 26, 2021

Macadamia oil

Two considerations worth exploring with Macadamias and Macadamia Oil.


First, it’s important to link this question to your individual nutritional requirements…ie. deficiencies, tolerances, other foods you ingest per day, total fats, total kilojoules, your activity level etc

The question you need to ask yourself is, do I have a nutritional need for the components that make up Macadamias, (Vitamin A, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron, Omega 3’s)? Do I have a deficiency of fats in my diet or do I have too many fats in my diet? Can I get the same constituents from other sources that are less kilojoule dense eg. Sunflower seeds


Am I under eating or over eating? Will Macadamias provide me with a balanced diet or will it increase my daily total energy intake compared to eating other less energy dense nuts? Remember, any excess food intake that you don’t work off, is stored as body fat.

Macadamias can be a useful nutritional source, but being high energy and high fats, they may be more useful for days of long moderate and continual activity.


Secondly and particularly regarding your question about Macadamia Oil, (this is purely from a nutritional perspective – ignoring any binding agents, additives), in liquid form, will accelerate your body’s absorption of its kilojoules and vitamins compared to the energy release from the nut itself. The risk then is that if you don’t use that uptake of energy, then it will again be stored as body fat.


This is the case with any liquidising process compared to eating the original food. eg. Fruit juice provides a more rapid availability of energy than the fruit itself that needs to be broken down by the body. This is partly the reason for the efforts to increase fibre in our diets. It is important too that you understand the processing behind any creation of Macadamia Oil, as the greater the processing, often results in a speeding up of the energy uptake into the body. Unfortunately, while reading product nutritional labels to help your decision is essential, often this information is missing. You may find references in the marketing labels, but this information is not as strictly controlled as nutritional labels.

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