An efficient and sustainable fitness program is essential for your unique fitness needs.


FitSmartTM  Personal Training develops advanced fitness programs for body development, rehabilitation and for general fitness.


Your program will be unique, efficient and holistic for your specific lifestyle needs.
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Why Choose FitSmart™?

FitSmartTM uses it’s own unique whole body lifestyle strategies. Based on Loadings,  Intensity Variation and Instability Techniques, they deliver an efficient personal training strategy using:

Our Studio, 


Outdoors in Parks, 

Beaches and in Water, 

for you to safely and efficiently reach your goals. We also come to your gym or home or conduct face to face sessions online.

FitSmart’s fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainers with over 20 years experience, service Brighton, Hampton, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and surrounding areas. We take the time and effort to work with you as an individual, achieving results that more closely align with who you are

man on exercise ball
Building Body and Core Strength

The Focus Is On You

In Body Development, you’ll work with our trainers to achieve your cardio, strength or general fitness goals, matching nutrition to your exercise goals. We discuss with you the time and effort required to match your goals and lifestyle. 

In Rehabilitation, our trainers, allied physios and masseurs work closely with your health practitioner to speedily and safely rebuild your body to health.

Get Fit the FitSmart™ Way

FitSmartTM is a personalised, independent, results focused personal training fitness studio and business.


Cleanliness and Hygiene are our priorities and strictly enforced to ensure client safety.


There are no queues to use our equipment. No crowds.

There are NO lock-in contracts or admin fees. You pay only for what you use. A flexibile approach is taken to your your preferred workout time 


We take the time and effort to understand your individuality, achieving results that more closely align with who you are.


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We help you achieve your fitness goals.
Simple, Efficient and Effective.