Testimonials – Here’s What our Clients Have to Say…

Steve – Surgeon

I have known Stephen as a personal trainer for over 14 years when he assisted in the paraplegic and quadriplegia area. I found his attention to detail to be exemplary and thoughtful. He is quick to identify and adapt a client’s training to their specific needs. He has excellent fitness knowledge, prepares well and follows up researching for clients on issues that may arise.  I am happy to recommend Stephen for fitness trainng and for clients with special needs.

David – Physiotherapist

I have known Stephen for 10+ years. He is an excellent fitness instructor with an in depth knowledge of human anatomy. We continue to refer clients as they enjoy their gym sessions with him and meet and exceed their goals.


Thanks again for preparing all this, it’s amazingly detailed and customized, and I love the specificity of what I need to keep track of! You have been by far the best PT I’ve ever had!


Steve you legend! Aren’t you on holiday already? Really appreciate the help. I’m going to do these stretches and exercises diligently. Will let you know how I go. Training has been fantastic! Thanks so much for that. Todays session was brilliant!



You are an amazing PT, not only because of how you train individuals but because you have heart and make people think and approach things in a better way.


At age 49, I was 130kgs, type II diabetic, had high cholesterol and hypertension. My doctor suggested I speak to Stephen at FitSmart. In 8 months my weight dropped to 80kgs and I had developed a significant change to my lifestyle. I achieved this through the guidance and mentoring of FitSmart without ever going on a diet. I was introduced to a sustainable eating plan and exercise in a way that was easy to incorporate into my everyday routine. That was 3 years ago and I have continued to develop my fitness and wellbeing. I am no longer diabetic, my cholesterol and blood pressure are within normal ranges and I no longer need any medication. The day I started with FitSmart really was the first day of the rest of my life which I am now enjoying to the fullest.


When the opportunity of trekking the Kakoda Trail was presented to me I desperately wanted to succeed but I had doubts about my ability to complete the trek. Whilst I am generally fit I have no cartilage in my right knee and I have had a number of operations. This caused me severe restrictions in hill and mountain climbing particularly going downloads.
I’d seen the results Steve from FitSmart had achieved with a fellow resident of my apartment building in which I live. I started training with Steve. With his analysis of my situation he was able to significantly change the way I was training to equip me for the challenge ahead. I found him to be extremely focused on my goals. He taught me to compensate for my weakness and to build my core strength to the point where I not only completed the trek, but surpassed my wildest expectations in accomplishing the honour of being the best walker in the group.
I have found Steve from FitSmart to be friendly, highly intuitive and skilled in his training methods and I continue to train with him on specific projects.


My way of showing appreciation of the care, attention, interest and extra effort you have put in over the past 12 months with my diminishing body. It has really been appreciated.


Thanks for this Steve, it is very informative. You are a legend!


We have been discussing creating a group fitness training session with Jeromy’s Personal Trainer, Stephen. I really encourage every single person to join in. Stephen is one of the best personal trainers around and will be able to help everyone benefit from this no matter what your current fitness level is.


I am very impressed with FitSmart’s holistic approach to fitness. Stephen has taught me it’s not just about the exercise (which he does very well of course!) but it’s also about sustainable choices that will make a long term difference to my weight and fitness. He has started me down a path of fitness and weight that I now know I can maintain for the rest of my life. If you need a change in the way you look at your diet and fitness. I highly recommend FitSmart.


I must say Steve, the improvement in Richards shoulders is impressive, I tried to help him for 6 years but you
achieved it.


I had been training with various trainers for about 5 years. Whilst my general fitness was good, my body was not responding in the way I wanted it to. I had little muscle tone and still felt and looked skinny. I was constantly getting minor back and shoulder injuries, caused through poor technique that prevented me from working out consistently.<br”>I started training with FitSmart and this has changed. I no longer require constant remedial massage and am able to train hard 3 to 4 times a week. Training with Stephen is fun but focused. He listens to my aspirations and developed a training program which enables me to train for the body type I desire. FitSmart constantly reviews my workout and educates me about the exercise and nutrition that is right for me.


Thanks Steve, really appreciate it. Right now, I’m feeling good. The osteo commented on how quick the recovery was, given that I could hardly walk at the start of the month – so kudos to your training 🙂


Thanks Steve, that’s really informative

John H

This is brilliant.
Thanks Steve and I will work at these daily. I may be able to stand up on one leg when I get back.